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Design & Manufacturing
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  • Product design: Regardless of the nature of your product concepts, Classic Molders has the depth to bring them to reality. Many projects are executed in-house; others are executed just as quickly with a spectrum of strategic partners with specialized vertical technical competencies.
  • Rapid prototypes: Our leading-edge technology enables us to create precise full-scale prototypes quickly. We’ll take your initial rough design, conform it to the parameters you select, and then execute it as a rapid prototype for testing, evaluation, and evolution to your final, ready-for-market design.
  • CAD Drawings: We can create Computer-Aided Design drawings precisely to your specs.
  • Machined Prototypes: Our seasoned technicians skillfully create perfect machined prototypes.
  • Tool & Mold Construction and Maintenance: Over more than a quarter-century, we’ve become known for meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Dozens of customers trust us to design, build, and maintain tools and molds for business-critical applications. We’re completely ready to handle anything you may need.
  • Engineered Thermoplastic Injection Molding: Regardless of the complexity or sophistication of your projects, Classic Molders always gets a running start on projects because we’ve been there and have the knowhow to get it right the first time, saving you precious development time.
  • Assembly & Packaging: As a production house in addition to a development shop, we’re outfitted for high productivity on deadline and on budget. We have the resources you need when you need them to deliver what you need when you need it – with assured top-quality and consistency from start to finish.
  • Kanban: Our Kanban operation ensures JIT production which effectively minimizes excess inventory and its wasteful costs.