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Mini Case Studies

What follows are a few initial mini case studies regarding work for selected customers. We plan to publish more detailed mini-case studies – in the words of our customers – soon. Stay tuned:

Beekeeping Industry: Combcapper and Bucket Bench Products

A construction project manager tasked us to design, develop, tool, and produce several products for the beekeeping industry. An amateur beekeeper, he was producing his own honey and came to us with a pencil-sketched idea for an innovative product not available in that industry. We developed CAD drawings, produced a prototype, created a mold for the product, and we entered production within six months. One of his products already is patented and the other is patent-pending – and both are now selling worldwide.

Automotive Industry: Aftermarket Automotive Gauge Holders

A person who had lost his job at a telecommunication development company was thermoforming gauge PODS for Volkswagens. His gauges were made overseas, after which he assembled them in PODS and sold them in the automotive aftermarket. He came to us with an idea to develop PODS to replace the steering column covers on Audis. He purchased the OEM steering column cover. We scanned it and created a CAD design incorporating the gauge. We built a prototype from the file, replaced the OEM steering column cover with the prototype, and our customer quickly gave his stamp of approval. We built the final mold from the CAD file and molded production PODS. Since initial production, we’ve built five different gauge POD tools plus several that fit in an AC vent in Volkswagens. He has a successful business now supplying these products to the automotive aftermarket.